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Your child deserves individual care as a unique individual. Whitcomb Family Daycare has some structure in activities: Buggy riding around the neighborhood, story time, and healthy meals and snacks. But in your child's uniqueness lives many future opportunities that shall be nurished in this unique child care.
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Both Jonathan and Gladys Whitcomb appreciate the value of piano lessons in their family child care at 4503 Walnut Ave, Long Beach, California, 90807.

Learning to play a musical instrument gives several benefits to children: The music itself, intellectual development in general, and self-confidence--all are important to children.
Your child may soon be
sitting here at this piano.
So where is this daycare flexible in meeting the needs of the individual children? Consider this approach to the free piano lessons offered. You may monitor your child's progress but the key to musical-skills is in the child, how much that child has the desire to learn at any moment.
Tomorrow may see more desire.
Jonathan Whitcomb, licensed with Gladys Whitcomb as a family home child care provider, once taught private piano lessons. His lessons are now only for those children in this daycare, and they are free. When a child shows interest in the piano, he teaches according to the needs of that child at that moment.