Apparent Therizinosaurus on New Britain Island

According to Brian Irwin, an Australian, “Since the 1990s, a large ‘reptilian’ creature has been sighted occasionally on Umbungi Island in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea.  . . . The creature has also been sighted on Alage Island, about [one kilometer] to the south of Ambungi Island.” (Many small islands are found just off the coast of New Britain Island.)

Two natives, Tony Avil and Robert, saw the dinosaur-like creature around 2005/2006, on or near Umbungi Island. According to Robert, it had “a long tail and a long neck and was 10–15 metres in length,” looking somewhat like “a very large wallaby.” The head was like a turtle’s.

“It walked slowly on two legs . . . The top of the head was . . . [about] as high as a house . . . Robert and Tony followed the creature from a distance and watched it go into the water after it finished eating.”

From a handbook of dinosaurs, the Therizinosaurus was chosen, although the eyewitness pointed out that the head in the book differed from what he had seen. (Please note that paleontologists have not yet found a fossil skull of a Therizinosaurus; textbook images are only a guess.)

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  1. I’ve noticed online forums that dismiss expeditions such as this one, because the explorer is a “creationist.” The problem with that approach is that Isaac Newton, Galileo, and also many more modern scientists have had similar religious beliefs; we do not reject calculus or a sun-centered solar system because Newton and Galileo believed in God. The research and investigation itself should be examined, not the religion of the scientist or explorer.

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