Ropen Sightings in the United States

Jurassic World has more fiction and more nonfiction than most film viewers would imagine. Who would guess that millions-of-years-since-extinction would be fictional and non-extinct pterodactyls would be non-fictional? Yet those who have encountered the ropen share a perspective that others may never have even dreamed of. And the flying creature called ropen is not confined to a tropical island but this apparent long-tailed pterosaur has been reported around the world.

The correct word for it is pterosaur rather than pterodactyl. Many eyewitnesses have seen it in North America, including many states in the USA, and these flying creatures appear to care nothing about Western teachings about extinction, flying wherever they please. They seem to be mostly nocturnal and uncommon.

Rhamphorhynchoid-Like Tail Flange

The ropen is unlike many pterosaurs depicted in science fiction films. It has a long tail, with many eyewitnesses describing a “diamond” or “spade” or “triangle” or “bulge” at the tail end. This suggests a Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur (also called “basil”), which has been assumed, by many Westerners, to have become extinct long before the short-tailed ones died out.

Not all descriptions of the tail flange are identical, but we should not expect all eyewitness reports to be identical, even if only one species is being described. Eyewitnesses do not all comprehend or remember details the same.

Bioluminescence of Pterosaurs

From the nonfiction book Searching for Ropens and Finding God, fourth edition, we can read about glowing flying creatures in the United States:

On March 28, 2012, I got a comment to one of my blog posts, from an eyewitness in Pasadena, Texas:

“I have seen them; they look like bats but flap their wings way different than birds do… And they have a red-orange bioluminescent body… First time I spotted one was somewhere on Nov, 2011; last time I saw two of them together a week ago.” [page 278 of the book]

Later in that book, we read:

If we have extraordinary unclassified bioluminescent creatures flying at night in the United States of America, why don’t we have a biology professor out at night investigating them? Well, such a biology professor we do have. Professor Peter Beach investigates lights flying over a river in the state of Washington; he believes they may be bioluminescent pterosaurs. [page 291]

Marfa Lights in Texas

If bioluminescent pterosaurs actually fly over the United States at night, where do they fly? In one area of southwest Texas, flying lights have returned on some nights, and they have been observed for generations. They’re called Marfa Lights.

Also from Searching for Ropens and Finding God (page 283):

Some time after getting my copy of Hunting Marfa Lights, I analyzed the rich collection of data compiled by Mr. Bunnell. I found that the flying lights that display the apparent intelligence are observed in the Marfa area only a few times each year, returning every few weeks or so, but generally for only one or two nights at a time. That fits the overall hunting pattern. [a group of large bioluminescent flying predators]



Reports of Apparent Living Pterosaurs

During the past twelve years, I have received many reports, some of which were from eyewitnesses in the United States. The following are the ones I found to be more likely than not to have been encounters with living pterosaurs in the contiguous states.

Marfa Lights and Ropens

. . . those Marfa Lights that behave as if directed by intelligence—those flying lights may be related to . . . sightings of apparent Rhamphorhynchoids, long-tailed pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea and to sightings of the “Gitmo  Pterosaur” of southeast Cuba.

Bioluminescent Ropens

Many of the eyewitness reports suggest some intrinsic bioluminescent capability in these pterosaur-like flying creatures.

Sightings of the Ropen

Professor Peter Beach was interviewed by Jonathan Whitcomb by the Yakima River in southeastern Washington state. [Beach and another man saw flying lights over that river in the northwestern USA, and a third man saw a “pterodactyl” in a tree in that same area.]

The Glowing Ropen

Three boys were playing at night on a playground in the farming community of Grantsville, Utah, around the fall of 2001, when they were shocked at the appearance of a large glowing creature that flew overhead.

Non-Extinct Pterosaurs

Three “dragons” were reported to have flown over the I-5 Freeway in Los Angeles, at 6:10 a.m., Sunday, March 3, 2013, just east of Griffith Park. Ten weeks later, another eyewitness reported a “pterosaur” flying over that same freeway but about a mile and a half to the south . . .

Ropen-Pterodactyl in Utah and Arizona

My wife and I visited Devon and his brother Dallin in St. George, Utah, this past Thursday, and they told us about the extraordinary encounter they had in Grantsville, Utah, fourteen years ago. . . . the glowing creature just south of the Great Salt Lake.




"Searching for Ropens and Finding God" - 4th edition

Searching for Ropens and Finding God

This overshadows common true-life adventures, revealing the early stages of what may become the most unsettling scientific discovery since Galileo and Copernicus. [From the Title page of the book]


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