Mystery lights of the Mekong River

Recently, the Naga Lights of Southeast Asia have been theorized to be the bioluminescence of a large insect, perhaps an unknown insect. Unfortunately for some cryptozoologists, this indicates there is no direct relationship between these mystery lights of the Mekong River and the kor lights and ropen lights of Papua New Guinea (which are thought to be the bioluminescence of living pterosaurs).

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  1. If I understand correctly, these “Naga Lights” are seen coming up to the surface while glowing. In other words, they can be seen glowing when they are still underwater, just before they emerge from the river. This would make any “fire” hypothesis untenable, for the objects glow both before and after emerging from the surface.

    Am I missing something? Any comments?

  2. An interesting point remains: If these are bioluminescent insects, unclassified by modern science, might the ropen lights be from an unclassified larger creature? That is the point, why does not any American university or scientific organization investigate ropen lights?

    Any ideas?

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