David Woetzel, explorer and cryptozoologist

David Woetzel, American cryptozoologistSearching for living dinosaurs and pterosaurs has become an important avocation for David Woetzel, a New Hampshire businessman, and in both central Africa and Papua New Guinea has he searched.

Late in 2000, he accompanied the explorer William Gibbons into Cameroon, Africa, where they interviewed many natives. A creature called “li’kela-bembe” is greatly feared in the Likouala swamp region; exploreres believe it is similar or the same animal that is called “Mokele-mbembe,” a large sauropod dinosaur. The swamp itself is huge, about 55,000 square miles, the largest swamp in the world, but interestingly, the Likouala Swamp does not have its own entry in Wikipedia, although it is mentioned often regarding dinosaur-like cryptids.

In late 2004, following the Whitcomb-Kenda expedition a few weeks earlier, Woetzel and fellow American cryptozoologist Garth Guessman explored Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea. They interviewed many native eyewitnesses of the ropen, a nocturnal apparently-bioluminescent flying creature whose descriptions strongly suggest a giant Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur (AKA “pterodactyl”).

Although as of late 2009 he had not obtained any photograph of a living dinosaur or pterosaur, he continues searching and hoping. He was able to observe a “ropen light” for a few seconds during his 2004 expedition.



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