Pterosaurs Living in the United States

Reports keep poping up: People see what they call “pterodactyl” or “pterosaur” or “featherless flying creature.” And they report those creatures flying in the United States. So why don’t we just look at some of these accounts by state and see what the eyewitnesses experienced?

Ohio Pterosaurs

With eyewitnesses interviewed by cryptozoologists that have included Jonathan Whitcomb . . .  accounts come from Ohio. . . . Antwerp, Ohio, is where one young man saw long-tailed pterosaurs on two consecutive summers: “huge . . . about 4.5 ft. tail, 10 ft. from head to end of tail. long skinny tail with a spade.” It was the hottest time of the summer afternoon when the sightings took place.

Marfa Lights of Texas

The flying (and sometimes dancing) lights of Marfa, Texas, only show themselves a few times a year, in contrast to the counterfeit “strange” lights caused by headlights of cars on a nearby highway. But if those lights are caused by the same general kind of creature as the ropen of Papua New Guinea (large or giant featherless flying creature with a long tail), how would ancient people describe it? A featherless long-tailed creature that curled up its wings while in repose would surely bring to mind a snake. And the “fiery” part of “fiery flying serpents” could come from the glow . . .

Pterosaur Sighting in California

On one of the first nights of observation, Scott stayed up later than the other researchers. He’d been skeptical after watching an unclear video that others thought might be a pterosaur; he was sure it was just a bird. But in the early morning hours of July 19th, he saw something large fly nearby: no bird.

. . . the dark creature flew twenty feet high, over a shed only twenty feet from Scott. Although it was dark, there was no mistaking it: a wingspan of eight to ten feet, a head three to four feet long, and a two-foot-long head-crest that reminded him of a Pteranodon. The wings were more bat-like than bird-like.

South Carolina Pterosaur Sighting

She saw a giant creature glide over the highway in front of the car. . . . “It looked as big as any car, and had NO feathers, not like a huge crane or egret. . . . it swooped down over the highway and back up gracefully over the pines.” It was in a remote swampy area.

The pterosaur was “gliding” but it flapped its wings slowly once or twice. The wingspan was about twelve to twenty feet.

Marion County, Texas, Sighting in 1995

Mr. Tullock made no immediate formal report of his 1995 sighting, for he was only eight years old; who would have taken him seriously? He reported his sighting to me in 2009 (I interviewed him in January, 2010), and that throws light on the reliability of his experience. Why? Childish imaginings do not usually remain misunderstood after a person grows into adulthood; even what is vividly imagined will normally become revealed as imagination as a person matures. My communications with Mr. Tullock revealed no symptom of any abnormality related to potential hallucination or delusion, and I have had adequate experience with those with that kind of problem. I believe that Mr. Tullock observed a flying creature with features basically the same or similar to those that he described to me.

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