New Book and New Ideas About Marfa Lights

The new second edition of Live Pterosaurs in America has one chapter devoted to the mystery of the weird flying lights that are seen at Marfa, Texas, several times each year: Marfa Lights. Here are some excerpts from that chapter of the cryptozoology book:

[Early in 2003, an automatic camera recorded] time-exposed photographs of a light flying west; the wind may have died off by 8:20 p.m., but it was coming from another direction. The light resembled rapid on-off states of chemical combustion: starting to burn, almost dying off, then starting up again, with occasional outbursts of greater intensity. Nothing in Bunnell’s description of this event contradicted what might be expected of a ropen-like flying creature periodically secreting something that causes extreme bioluminescence. Of course the degree of brightness is extraordinary, but true science allows for the possibility of discoveries extraordinary.

The May 7th pair of lights remained together for only a short time; the one on the right moved off to the right and traveled for awhile. The traveling light was joined by another that followed it. Those two continued to the right for awhile but eventually reversed course, going back toward the stationary light that was not completely still: That first light was “dancing.” The flying lights went out before reaching the dancing light.

The author, Jonathan Whitcomb, has been ridiculed, even by some cryptozoologists, for continuing to promote the possibility of modern living pterosaurs. Yet how few of those critics seem to have read much that has been written by this lone cryptozoologist.

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