New book about Mokele-mbembe

The nonfiction paperback Mokele-Mbembe: Mystery Beast of the Congo Basin, by William J. Gibbons, was published by Coachwhip Publications on February 13, 2010. (List: $24.95 — 272 pages)

“Bill’s heart is in Africa, where monstrous dinosaur-like creatures are still rumored to inhabit the vast swamps of the Congo Basin. . . . Gibbons provides a fascinating insight into several expeditions that have ventured forth in search of suspected living dinosaurs . . . Here you will read about many amazing eyewitness testimonies and surprise encounters with these remarkable creatures. This book will take you on a journey into a true ‘lost world’ of pygmy tribes, dense unforgiving jungles, hidden unexplored lakes, and rivers that run for hundreds of miles . . .”

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