Spanish Pterosaur

¿Es extinto, señor Pterosaur? Reports of a giant bird or “pterodactyl” in Spain made news some time ago. This was mentioned on the Cryptomundo blog.

Our astonishment was immense when we stepped out to the balcony to see the black silhouette of a bird of tremendous size. It perhaps measured between 3 and 5 meters, and I am not exaggerating. Numerous residents saw it and numerous comments were made the next day.

The word “pterodactyl” came up and one eyewitness, at least, estimated the wingspan at much greater than other estimates: 15 meters.

Pterosaur at a Music Festival

In Spain, “near los desert del palmas,” at a music festival one summer night in 2007, flying about 30-40 feet over the heads of a few music fans at the edge of the festivities, was a creature that had, instead of feathers, the color and apparent texture of suede. The eyewitness saw that it was unlike a bat for it had a long thin tail. He told me, “I haven’t been able to find any species of fruit bat ANYWHERE that has a long, straight tail . . .”

The eyewitness was sure that it was not a fruit bat.


Spanish language, including excerpts of the above:

Los avistamientos de Pterodáctilos

En 2004, viajé de los Estados Unidos a Papúa Nueva Guinea. Encontré a un intérprete en la ciudad de Lae. Mí y mi intérprete viajó, por buque, a la Isla de Umboi. Más tarde, encontramos muchos nativos que habían visto el ropen.

Pterodáctilos en España

Cierre al un festival de música en España, en 2007, un hombre inglés vio un pterodáctilo aproximadamente once metros alto.

Otro informe, de un tiempo diferente: El tamaño de dos alas: tres a quince metros.

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