Pterosaur Seen by Brian Hennessy

Brian Hennessy is an Australian author, commercial consultant, and psychologist, working in China for the past five years. His present home is in Chongqing. Being self-employed, he has been a visiting lecturer in Psychology to the Chongqing Medical University in China; more recently, he has been a commercial consultant to the Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Commission, and psychological consultant to the foreign community in Chongqing.

Hennessy Account of Pterosaur Sighting

It was so unusual. I actually heard it before I saw it. A slow  flap…flap…flapping sound. The air was still, and our truck had stopped on our downward journey from the top of the range to the coast way below. The sound was amplified by the road-cutting into the mountain . . . bare red/orange clay, rather than the surrounding jungle. . . . on the road from Panguna down to loloho on Bougainville Island in 1971.

I saw a very unusual creature . . . very big (wingspan at least 2 metres, probably more . . . possibly much, much more). . . . It was black or dark brown. . . . It certainly looked prehistoric, in that it did not look like any other bird that I have seen before or since. . . . I recall seeing this creature with a longish narrow tail . . . the head was disproportionately large compared to the body (no feathers in sight). The wingspan was large. The head had no ‘normal’ beak. Rather there seemed to be (and this is difficult to describe) a kind of beak that was indistinguishable
from the head, and the head seemed to continue this ‘point’ at the back of the head. . . .

Jonathan Whitcomb, a cryptozoologist who specializes in this sort of sighting, interviewed Hennessy in 2006, by emails, and he has compared this Australian’s sighting with those of other eyewitnesses.

Hennessy and Kuhn Pterosaurs Compared

Brian Hennessy was on Bougainville Island (north of Australia), at about the same time as Eskin Kuhn’s sighting in Cuba, and saw one large flying creature that had a long tail. Like the apparent pterosaurs in Cuba, this one had a pointed head crest and no sign of feathers.

We could note differences between the sightings in Cuba and Bougainville, Papua New Guinea: Kuhn was alone but immediately drew sketches of two flying creatures; Hennessy was not alone, but the other eyewitnesses may no longer be available for questioning. The Australian did answer a sketch-survey, given him by Whitcomb, and the resulting head-sketch does relate to the sketch by Kuhn, with perhaps a more-pointed head crest on the Bougainville creature.

Hennessy and Hodgkinson Pterosaurs Compared

Both Duane Hodgkinson and Brian Hennessy had their sightings in the same area of the southwest Pacific: DH on the New Guinea mainland, near Finschhafen, and BH about 850 kilometers to the east. Both men saw no evidence of feathers but noticed an obvious long tail. Both men saw a pointed structure coming out the back of the head.

Both men were impressed with the sound of the wing flapping. Hodgkinson estimated the flapping frequency at one or two seconds per cycle; Hennessy, at two seconds. Both noticed a general dark coloring of the flying creature. Both men referred to the creature with the word “prehistoric.”

Both men described the flying creature with more than one detail that ruled out any large bird or large bat: head crest, lack of feathers, very long tail, and long straight beak-like mouth. Hennessy did not have any reference point to make size-estimation accurate, but Hodgkinson saw his creature as it was taking off into the air, on the far side of a jungle clearing that was about one hundred feet in diameter. Hodgkinson’s estimate of tail length, “at least ten or fifteen feet,” rules out any known bird or bat.

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