Book about living pterosaurs in the U.S.

Nonfiction book "Live Pterosaurs in America"Live Pterosaurs in America: Sightings of Apparent Pterosaurs in the United States–this nonfiction paperback may be the only book ever written about apparent pterosaurs seen across the country, from West Coast to East Coast and from Texas to Maine. But this is more than just a compilation of eyewitness stories; the reasons for the delay in official living-pterosaur discovery are explained.

The delayed official admission of living pterosaurs is compared to the delayed official admission of powered flight: a few Bible-believing creationists early in the 21st Century compared with the Wright Brothers early in the 20th Century. All of them were labeled “liar,” notwithstanding they all proclaimed the simple truth.

Unlike the first two editions of the book “Searching for Ropens,” this newer book about live pterosaurs is a pure cryptozoology book, not a creation-religion book (although the creationist views of the investigators are briefly referenced). No reader should be offended, regardless of origin philosophy.

According to one reader, “The problem with science is that we think we know it all and that is far from reality. This book shows courage to continue the search. If you have an interest in cryptozoology you should read this.” (Dale S. Reeder, Pennsylvania)

See the official web site of this cryptozoology book. ($12.50 — 104 pages)

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  1. I have a friend who is actively looking for these pterodactyls or animals that seem to be these kind of animals. The place where they look is secret and I would not reveal where it is, but these men are really serious about this. One of them has seen one of them fairly close and he was sure that the wingspan was close to 8-10 feet with a long thing coming out of the back of the head, like one would expect from this kind of animal.

    I know these men and believe that they have not been working so hard for so many years just to play a hoax. They are still working to catch one of these animals.

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