Dinosaur Bird in Western States

Pterosaur sightings, even when eyewitnesses use an expression like “dinosaur bird,” are common in the western United States, especially in California. This has been said to be related to the combination of high human population and large land area.

Pterodactyls in Southwest USA

[In Irvine, California] A huge pterosaur-like creature, in daylight, in August of 2007, flew into the wildlife refuge, crossing the road going north from the university campus (road on the west side of the sanctuary), and according to the anonymous eyewitness, the length of the flying creature was close to the width of the road (30 feet).

Washington State Sightings

According to the account of the teenager (in 2007, he told me about his experience) he heard a screech and saw two huge winged-creatures, less than a hundred feet away. He told me that their heads were four feet long. These two creatures were observed in the area for a number of days (warmer weather, mid-1980’s, Washington State).

From the professor who investigated, in 2007, another sighting area in Washington State: “I went on a short trip to the ______ River this summer [because of a sighting]. We were unable to get a picture but we [saw] many . . . flashing lights. . . . Many flashes were parallel to the river. . . at that point was a crook in the river and there were many fish feeding . . . [prime] hunting grounds for [fish-eating] birds. Only these things fish at night with bioluminescence. At first I thought I was just seeing many shooting stars but they were all parallel to the river and close to the horizon. Next I noticed that when the cloud cover came in I could still see the flashes. . . . under the cloud cover. . . .

Dinosaur Bird

I saw a featherless flying animal with a wingspan of about 4 1/2 to 5 feet and a long tail with a diamond type shape at the tip of it. No hair or feathers anywhere, just leathery reptile type skin . . . long sharp teeth that somewhat protruded from the mouth like a crocodiles [mouth] when closed.

Dinosaur birds, by any other name

According to Susan Wooten (of South Carolina) and Aaron Tullock (of Texas) and Eskin Kuhn (of Ohio) pterosaurs are very much alive. Those three eyewitesses have given out their names after being interviewed by the same cryptozoologist: Jonathan Whitcomb (of California). And not one of those three witnesses are dishonest or insane or even mistaken in their interpretations, according to Whitcomb.

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