New Zealand Pterosaur

When we think about a frightening featherless flying creature in New Zealand, we might think of the upcoming movie The Hobbit. After all, a critical character in that film will be Smaug the dragon, and shooting is taking place in New Zealand. But it seems a nonfiction character lives in New Zealand, although it may not have yet been filmed or photographed: the Flying Slasher.

Living Pterosaur in New Zealand

Across New Zealand, North Islands farmland and countryside, there have been for almost a century tales from farmers and hunters, of a horrid winged beast, with long sharp fangs lining its narrow, beak-like jaws. Its eyes gleam in the night, where it can be seen flying overhead, silhouetted in the moon. Farmers despise it because it tears chunks from their cattle in the nighttime. It is called “The Flying Slasher.”

With all the reports of giant flying pterosaurs (AKA “pterodactyls”) in the Western Pacific, especially around Papua New Guinea and Australia, it seems not so surprising that similar flying creatures are reported in New Zealand.

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