Searching for Dragons

No, not the fiction story by Patricia Wrene, this book will be nonfiction, by Jonathan Whitcomb the cryptozoologist, when it is published, which is said to be around early 2012. Searching for Dragons will be the third edition of Searching for Ropens; it will be devoid of “preaching religion,” however, in the new version. There were some complaints, on, from readers who were offended at the religious parts being mixed in thoroughly into the cryptozoology, in the earlier editions.

Since quotations from Searching for Dragons are becoming common online, I will add this:


The financial generosity of Alex Aguila, one of the first readers of the first edition of Searching for Ropens, made possible the 2006 expedition of Paul Nation and Jacob Kepas, whose exploring of a remote area verified the location, the precise cliff, where many indavas, giant flying creatures, sleep in daylight during parts of the year. And how could those two men have reached Tawa Village, deep in the interior of the mainland of Papua New Guinea, without Jim Blume, who flew the plane that took them there?

Of course, this is not the final version, so it could be different in the published book.

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