Two Years of Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs Alive

With the two year anniversary of Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs Alive, let’s look back on some of the better postings, beginning with earlier ones.

Ohio Pterosaur

The old newspaper Antwerp Bee-Argus published the eyewitness account of the man who had seen a long-tailed pterosaur twice, in daylight and in different summers, at the same place: at a bridge near Antwerp, Ohio.

Montana Pterodactyl

” . . . just as it was getting dark, but it was a bright full moon also, my bro in law pointed behind me and said ‘What the hell is that?’ and I turned around and saw the largest flying creature I’ve ever seen. It was heading straight towards us. . . . It flew straight over us and off into the horizon. It must have had a 20 foot wingspan. It was gigantic. It flew about 50 feet over our heads.”

David Woetzel, explorer and cryptozoologist

This New Hampshire businessman has explored in Africa, searching for a dinosaur, and explored in Papua New Guinea, searching for a pterosaur. He continues to search for the elusive cryptids that many scientists assume are all extinct.

Flying Fox and Pterosaurs Sightings

The relationship (and non-relationship) between the large fruit bats of the southwest Pacific and the apparent pterosaurs, giant long-tailed flying creatures of Papua New Guinea.

Headlights and Hard Heads Knocking Marfa Lights

Why an investigation by physics students sheds no light on the real mystery lights that fly near Marfa, Texas, several times each year. Why insist that all mysterious lights must be car headlights?

Cheesman Lights and Pterosaurs

The British biologist observed strange lights for at least two nights, in the 1930’s, deep in the interior of New Guinea. She found that they could not have been from any human origin.

Pterosaur Sighting by Hennessy

The Australian Brian Hennessy (now a psychologist) observed a large pterosaur-like flying creature, in 1971, on Bougainville Island, New Guinea, and later reported his sighting to the American cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb.

Child Scared by Pterosaur in Cuba

Patty Carson was only about six when she observed, in about 1965, a long-tailed “flying dinosaur” at the Guantanamo Bay U.S. military station in Cuba. Her father, the military commander, did not believe her. She eventually stopped talking about that frightening experience. But in April of 2011, she began talking about it again, for she was no longer alone.

Flying Dragons in Australia

You would think that the sightings of dragons or apparent pterosaurs in Australia would be mostly in the north, closer to Papua New Guinea. But apparently those flying creatures can and do fly far afield, in a number of areas in Australia.

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