Pterosaur Sighting in Kansas

According to the book Live Pterosaurs in America, third edition, beginning with page 42:

A lady [BEW] had a daylight encounter northwest of Wichita. In early 2006, she found my web site and contacted me.

“My friend and I were talking and I mentioned that I had seen an extremely large bird that resembled a pterodactyl some years ago when [I was] driving . . . between Rush Center and Larned, Kansas. I could not believe my eyes as I immediately thought of a prehistoric bird when I saw it. It must have had a wing-span of 16-20 feet.

“I asked my friend . . . We looked at pictures on the internet to see if we could figure anything out . . . I decided to check further and ran across this site. I was amazed to find a lot written about others who claim to have seen such a bird. I never said too much to anyone about it because, of course, such a claim raises eyebrows . . .

Q: How far was the bird or creature from you when you watched it?

A: I would say 60-100 feet up at the closest.

Q: Could you tell if it had feathers?

A: It did not appear to have feathers.

Q: Are you familiar with the larger birds in Kansas?

A: Somewhat

Q: How was this thing different from larger birds you know of?

A: I’ve never seen any bird in Kansas a fraction of that size or with the appearance of this bird.

Q: What was it doing when you saw it?

A: Soaring slowly towards the northeast.

Pterodactyl or Giant Bat?

Critics have failed to make any convincing argument for the giant fruit bat as an explanation for the many sighting reports of flying pterodactyls in the south Pacific, including in Papua New Guinea.


Cryptozoology Book

From a reader of the third edition of this cryptozoology book:

“Mr. Whitcomb does a thorough job questioning indoctrination and the close-mindedness of the Western world. Reading so many eye-witness reports of people who have seen living pterosaurs in America was mind-opening, to say the least. Speculation is not an easy thing to address, but Whitcomb does a noteworthy job stringing together testimony and speculation in a scientific, yet personal way. The passion that Whitcomb and the pterosaur witnesses feel about these investigations make this book a great read and keep the pages turning. If you are prepared to question the indoctrination society has imposed on you since childhood, you are ready for Live Pterosaurs in America.” (Amazon review by R. Montgomery, Feb 22, 2012)

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