Giant Flying Creature in Australia

No Feathers on Flying Creature

How do large featherless flying creatures avoid human detection in modern times? Sometimes they don’t. People see what they thought could not exist when that kind of “pterodactyl” thing flys overhead. Australia is one of the places people see them.

Pterosaur Sighting in Queensland

From the recently published ebook Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea:

Kathy was driving [at about 8: 30] at night, with her thirteen-year-old daughter, when the huge creature flew over the car:

“The wings were so big. Black bat leather like.”

“One wing covered the car . . . you could see, just the underneath.”

“No feathers just leather.”

“We saw it at Mt Coolum Sunshine Coast . . . one hill away from Centenary Heights Rd.”

New Book on Pterosaurs in Australia

SFR, at least in the first edition, is cross genre: cryptozoology and Christian believes on the Bible. LPAPNG is strictly cryptozoology, with only a brief mention of creationist explorers.

Flying Dragons in Australia

Few Australians call it a “dragon,” when they see a giant flying creature, or a large one, with no sign of feathers but with a long tail. I know of one American who declared seeing a dragon in Australia decades ago. But that word is unpopular with Australians who consider reporting their encounters, for they usually prefer “pterodactyl” or “pterosaur.”

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