Book About Live Pterosaurs in Australia

A new cryptozoology book, in digital form rather than paperback or hardback, is now available on Amazon. The point is that not all pterosaurs are extinct. Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea is about 76 pages long, with the following chapters:

  1. How can Pterosaurs be Alive?
  2. The Finschhafen Pterodactyl
  3. The Bougainville Creature
  4. The Lake Pung Encounter
  5. Another Expedition on Umboi Island
  6. The Perth Creature
  7. Other Sightings in Australia
  8. Expedition of 2006
  9. Other Sightings in Papua New Guinea
  10. Conclusion

The following was taken from the Introduction:

Common persons in the southwest Pacific have seen something big flying overhead, something uncommon, unlike any bird or bat. This is not fantasy, it’s nonfiction, so let’s begin with our feet on the ground, take one step at a time.

I don’t ask you to launch your imagination to fly with every story about a live “pterodactyl.” When somebody sends me an email about a strange flying creature, I don’t jump onto the first paragraph as if the creature had to have been a living pterosaur; neither do I dismiss the whole account when I first encounter something unexpected. Please do the same: Judge not too quickly, either to one side or the other.

I have found, after many years of questioning eyewitnesses, that some accounts cannot be dismissed as misidentified birds or bats or as hoaxes. Keep the door open to discovering something for yourself.

For information about extinction:

Pterosaur Extinction and Australia

Why is the universal extinction dogma so deeply entrenched into our Western culture? Why must all species of pterosaurs be extinct? This extreme bias needs to be addressed, and quoting from my newest nonfiction book

For information about the size of some of these flying creatures:

Biggest Pterosaurs

Of course we’re talking about modern live pterosaurs, not fossils of winged creatures that lived millions of years ago.

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