Pretended Abduction of Baby by Bird

A Golden Eagle or some other large predatory bird is seen to carry away a toddler in a Youtube video called “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid.” It’s been shown to have been just a pretended abduction. The shadows do not match up with each other, in all instances.

shadow of the flying bird is in front, to the left, of the bird

Before the pretended eagle gets close to the ground, the shadow is in front


Here, the shadow of the bird is behind, to the right, of the bird

After a brief flight near the ground, the bird’s shadow is behind it

The angle of the camera turn is much too small to have been the cause of the different shadow directions in this video. It proves that this is not an unaltered segment of home video, as it appears to many observers to be.

Soon after the uploading of this Youtube video, an animation studio in Montreal came forward with how it was created. Computer animation was what made it appear that a bird and a baby were in the video. No abduction ever took place.

This presents a serious problem for any future photographer or videographer of a living dinosaur or living pterosaur. How will that person get past the skepticism that will result from observers knowing about this Youtube hoax that looked so convincing?

Did a Bird Snatch a Baby?

The whole thing was just an animation experiment, made by a few students at the Centre NaD animation school in Montreal

Giant Flying Creature in Australia

“One wing covered the car . . . you could see, just the underneath.”

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