Biology Professors and Pterosaurs Alive

A survey questionnaire on pterosaur sightings was recently sent to biology professors at four large universities in the USA. Less than 2% of the biology faculty members replied, but not all of them are completely convinced that all species of pterosaurs became extinct many millions of years ago. The average score for the living pterosaur potential was not that good, 1.5% to be specific.

For an examination score, 1.5% could be the lowest F in the class. But in the survey of biology professors, those few who responded to the call for opinions, none of them were previously aware of the research done over the past twenty years. They were ignorant of the ropen expeditions in Papua New Guinea and the flying lights that were videotaped, including the one by the Destination Truth television team.

If a student bombs a test with 1.5% after no studying, that student could think twice about studying for the next text. Maybe biology professors should take that as an example and learn a little bit about what has been happening in cryptozoology. Then they might give the potential for pterosaur non-extinction something higher than a 1.5% score.

Pterosaur Sighting or What?

What paleontologist knows about the reported pterosaur flying near the university at Irvine, California? Probably not any professor at that university, for it was a non-faculty member who saw the animal fly in front of his car one summer day a few years ago.

Pterosaur Sightings Worldwide

The eyewitness contacted me soon after her sighting of the “dragon-pterodactyl” that she had encountered in her backyard in the middle of a clear day.


Cryptozoology Book

Third edition of Live Pterosaurs in America, by Jonathan David Whitcomb

From a reader:

I must say that it is a very good book and well worth the read! If your mind was closed to this subject, it will be opened after reading this book!

From the Introduction in the book:

This book might make a few Americans uneasy to walk alone at night; my intention, however, is not to frighten but to enlighten as many readers as possible to know about live-pterosaur investigations. Those who’ve been shocked at the sight of a flying creature that “should” be extinct—those eyewitnesses, more numerous than most Americans would guess, need no longer be afraid that everyone will think them crazy, and no longer need they feel alone. Those of us who’ve listened to the American eyewitnesses, we who have interviewed them, we now believe. So, if you will, consider the experiences of these ordinary persons (I’ve interviewed most of them myself) and accept whatever enlightenment you may.

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