Pterodactyls in the Philippines?

I sometimes learn of encounters between one or more eyewitnesses in the Philippines and a pterodactyl or flying creature with no feathers. I have also been informed of legends in that Asian country. One of them is the legend of the Berbalangs of Cagayan de Sulu, an island that is now called Mapun Island. The Berbalangs were said to be mostly human-like but also like the European vampire somewhat, with cat-like eyes. They were said to sometimes have the power of flight and would dig up graves in order to eat the intestines of the corpses, not a pleasant kind of meal. If that were not strange enough, when they flew around in that condition they had feet sticking out of their heads instead of ears.

So what person outside a primitive village in the Philippines would believe in such a strange legend? Well there may be a spark of truth in it. What other flying creature is said to dig up human graves in the southwest Pacific? The ropen of Papua New Guinea.

Berbalang Legend of the Philippines

How do they relate, a legend about flying persons who sometimes eat human flesh and eyewitness reports of living pterosaurs? Perhaps they don’t; but a legend about the ropen of Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, resembles the legend of the Berbalang of Mapun Island, in the Philippines, in this way: The flying ropen is reported to eat human flesh and to transform himself, occasionally, into a man.

Pterosaurs and not Manta Rays

No offense to cryptozoologists who might want to believe in the following interpretation of Manta rays, but those fish are nothing like what eyewitnesses see when they report flying creatures they call “pterodacyls.” Jumping fishes, even the strange Manta rays, look far different, completely different, and they fall back into the sea within a very few seconds. Also, those fish do not fly over trees, far inland from any sea or large body of water.


Cryptozoology Book

Live Pterosaurs in America – nonfiction cryptozoology book – third edition

From the back cover of this extraordinary book:

Susan Wooten was driving east on Highway 20, towards Florence, South Carolina, when something flew just above and in front of her car. With a long tail but no feathers, “it looked as big as any car.”

Scott Norman did not believe he would see a living pterosaur,  as he sat alone, taking his turn watching the night sky. A bird is what his friends had probably seen. But at 2:00 a.m., less than forty feet away, what flew over the shed was no bird. The head alone was about four feet long; the head crest, two feet long, like that of a Pteranodon.

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