Montana Pterodactyl

Regarding the report of the “Pterosaur in Montana, 2009,” here is part of the account:

” . . . just as it was getting dark, but it was a bright full moon also, my bro in law pointed behind me and said ‘What the hell is that?’ and I turned around and saw the largest flying creature I’ve ever seen. It was heading straight towards us. . . . It flew straight over us and off into the horizon. It must have had a 20 foot wingspan. It was gigantic. It flew about 50 feet over our heads.”

What is left out of that account is that the two men could even hear the sound of the wings flapping. This was near the Cooney Reservoir, early in the evening of September 4, 2009. (The interview was conducted by the living-pterosaur researcher Jonathan Whitcomb.) There seems to be no indication whether or not this particular creature has the capability of bioluminescence, sometimes reported in ropen-like nocturnal pterosaur-like flying animals.

“Pterodactyl” is a common unofficial word for “pterosaur,” but “dinosaur bird” is also sometimes used.

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  1. I know that Garth Guessman and some other creationists have been trying to capture a live pterosaur at a secret location. Not even the name of the country is mentioned. Scott Norman was an eyewitness on one of those nights. I think that Garth and the others were sleeping at that time when Scott saw the large flying creature go over a shed. Unfortunately, about a year later, Scott died from natural causes.

    Whatever country it is where Garth and the others have been exploring and looking for live pterosaurs, they and the landowner have seen the flying lights that are made by those things. It is called bioluminescence. These animals shine brightly sometimes and to some people it looks like shooting stars. The only thing is that these shooting stars sometimes change directions and fly in all directions, sometimes flying up, which is not what real shooting stars do.

    In Marfa, Texas, some people research the flying lights there. One idea that is not popular is that some predators make these lights. Maybe these are like the other flying lights that are pterosaurs.

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