True-Life Adventure and Cryptozoology – Nonfiction

The post below is a revision, substituting the fourth edition of late-2014 nonfiction book for the third edition that was published earlier that year.

If you would be offended at a nonfiction book about conservative Christians who search for modern pterosaurs and proclaim that the General Theory of Evolution is patently false, then “this book is not for you.” Likewise, avoid Searching for Ropens and Finding God if you would be offended that a Mormon author had written a book that was called “the Bible of modern pterosaurs.” For most American readers of true-life adventure, those issues are non-issues. The 360 pages contain little about religion but much about eyewitnesses who encounter astonishing flying animals that look like nothing other than pterodactyls.

"Searching for Ropens and Finding God" - 4th edition

Searching for Ropens and Finding God, fourth edition

The first part of the book is about expeditions in Papua New Guinea, where Americans have searched for living pterosaurs. Most of the book is much more about cryptozoology than about religion.

Sighting by Eskin Kuhn in Cuba in 1971

“I saw two pterosaurs (or pterodactyls, what’s in a name?) flying together at low altitude, perhaps 100 feet, very close in range from where I was standing, so that I had a perfectly clear view of them. The rhythm of their large wings was very graceful, slow and yet they were flying and not merely gliding like turkey vultures do here in Ohio . . .”

Clarification From Eyewitness Eskin Kuhn

There is no mistaking what I saw, it was middle of the day during our free time, a work day, no booze, no drugs, bright sun and full visibility with vision I wish I still had, eyes that qualified me as Expert Rifleman and the Pistol shot in the Marine Corps.

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