The Ropen of North America and Missing Persons

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rocks at a coastline

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The Right to Know the Truth

For generations, Americans have known the phrase “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” It’s in the Declaration of Independence. Yet how important is knowledge in preserving human life! When it comes to keeping themselves alive, people have the right to know the truth.

If people are in danger in national parks and other wilderness areas of North America, they have the right to be informed about the potential risks and what may be involved.

Connection Between People and Ropens

Strange cases of missing persons in Western North America—many of those are documented in the nonfiction paperback Missing 411 Western United States and Canada, by David Paulides. A few details from a few of those cases deserve attention here.

Please keep in mind that Mr. Paulides does not suggest ropens are responsible for the strangest cases, even if he had, at some time, become aware of that possibility. The ropen connection is my own idea.

Some of these cases strongly suggest a small number of ropens in North America may be responsible for a small portion of reports of people going missing. Similarities in certain details stretch across decades, and across many hundreds of miles:

  • missing items of clothing or shoes
  • inability of tracking dogs to track
  • person or body found too far away and too high in elevation

Nito Mayo and Patricia Tolhurst

These two ladies disappeared at the Donnell’s Vista Lookout on Highway 108, in California.

  • August of 2005: Nita Mary Mayo
  • April of 2014: Patricia Sue Tolhurst

This vista point near the highway is a large open area. If there was a large flying predator here, a flying creature large enough to be dangerous to humans, this is where we should be alert to what’s overhead.

With Mayo and Tolhurst, abductions by human criminals is possible but appears unlikely for the open area where the two ladies went missing. Neither one has been found.

Three-Year-Old Patty Mclean

The family was having a Fourth of July picnic, about fifteen miles northeast of Butte, Montana, in 1953, when little Patty went missing. Within a few hours, hundreds of persons joined in the search for the three-year-old.

The next day, about twenty-two hours after the search began, three searchers found little Patty an astonishing eight miles away and halfway up a cliff. At the hospital, she said that she had slept under a log, apparently during that night she was still missing. No mention is made in Mr. Paulides’s book about any problem the child had when she was discovered except that one shoe was missing. To me, that is a clue.

Missing Shoes and Clothing

In these strangest of missing-persons cases, a missing shoe or item of clothing is not at all unusual. How does that relate to the possibility that a ropen has carried away a person? Sometimes the victim is lucky enough to fall out of a shoe or out of a jacket or pants, when the creature is carrying the person just a little above ground level. If the person falls to the ground safely, there’s a chance for survival, because the flying creature might not find him/her, when it flies back to where its burden became too light.

Two-Year-Old Mike McDonald

Like Patty Mclean, little Mike was found the day after going missing, but he disappeared eight years earlier and hundreds of miles to the south. In a small cave the two-year-old was sleeping, when his father and another man found him, fifteen miles from where the child went missing.

How did baby Mike find that cave fifteen miles from his home? He did not find it, of course, but he seems to have been placed in that cave, and that case in Arizona is not unique: finding a missing child in a cave that is practically inaccessible to the child.

In the case of Mike McDonald, the wonderful fortune of finding the two-year-old alive appears to relate to the family dog. That dog was positioned near the small entrance to that cave, as if it were guarding the boy. It seems the dog chased the flying creature all the way to that cave, where the predator was forced to abandon its intended victim. A family dog does not take kindly to an animal that tries to eat that dog’s human. Thank goodness for family dogs.



Garrett Bardsley Missing

If only one child can be saved from being a victim, it will be worth all the efforts we can muster. . . . [Some of the] missing persons have items of clothing and shoes that are found away from where the living person or body was found, and some of those cases have more circumstantial evidence that a large ropen may have been responsible . . .

Pterodactyl Attacks in British Columbia?

Set aside any independent reports that I, Jonathan Whitcomb, may have personally received from eyewitnesses; we have two authors whose books either imply or describe apparent modern pterosaurs (AKA “pterodactyls”) in British Columbia, and those two nonfiction books include reports relating to possible attacks on humans.

Dragons in Los Angeles

The woman said that she saw three dragons, at first thinking they were some kind of stunt. She soon noticed tail movement, which may have been the tipoff that they were alive. She was given a survey form by Whitcomb, and she chose the silhouette of the Sordes Pilosus, which is a basal pterosaur, but she said that the heads were bigger of the three creatures she had seen gliding over the I-5 [freeway in Los Angeles, California].


lone person at a rocky beach

Each person is important and deserves to know the truth

Watch out for what might fly overhead in an open area. (by Alahn, Dreamstime stock photos)


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