Dinosaurs Living With Humans

Dr. Dennis Swift has spoken much and written much about the concept that people, in earlier centuries, have lived with dinosaurs. The following is just a brief summary of what he has revealed about evidences that ancient people have lived with extant dinosaurs.

Acambaro Figurines

Waldemar Julsrud, a German living in Acambaro, Mexico, discovered some unusual objects while riding his horse around El Toro Mountain, in July of 1944, including a partially buried ceramic figurine. This led, in time, to the discovery of many more ceramic works of art, some of which depict dinosaurs.

According to Dr. Dennis Swift, who in recent decades has specialized in these discoveries of ancient artifacts, thousands of these works of art were excavated, turning Julsrud’s mansion into “the museum that seared scientists.” It was not just the figurines of dinosaurs; various races of people were displayed on the clay: Eskimos, Asians, Africans, Caucasians, Mongols, and Polynesians. Over 37,000 works of art were uncovered in this part of Mexico alone, beginning in 1944.

Lack of any significant modern fraud

Contrary to what some skeptics proclaim, the vast majority of figurines from Acambaro are truly of ancient date, with much testing that has confirmed their antiquity. Those few recent imitations show far different characteristics in a variety of ways, making those exceptions irrelevant.

If persons in the mid-twentieth century were responsible for all of the dinosaur artwork that looks ancient, why do those depictions show dinosaur features that were not known to modern paleontologists until the late twentieth century? Why do these apparently ancient artistic depictions of dinosaurs show us the way their tails were held up according to recent discoveries? It’s because those works of art are indeed ancient and created by human artists who lived at a time when dinosaurs were known to them, centuries ago.

(In 1968, when Dennis Swift was still in high school, he heard about the Acambaro discoveries. That was about the time when a few forgeries were made in imitation of the originals, when Dennis and I were teenagers, so even those few forgeries are now ancient—humor intended.)

Pterosaur Figurine in Acambaro, Mexico

Here is a photo of one of the ancient figurines from Acambaro:

ancient artifact depicting a pterosaur

Crude depiction of a long-tailed pterosaur (ancient ceramic art)


Wikipedia Errors

If you search on Wikipedia (at least until early January 20, 2015) with “Acambaro figurines” the system will automatically redirect you to the page “Acambaro figures.”

Early on January 20, 2015, I looked at the Wikipedia page for “Acámbaro figures” and found 24 uses of the word figure. The proper word for these works of art is figurines. Only eight times is the proper word used on that Wikipedia page. Above the “see also” and references sections of the page, almost every paragraph has this inappropriate word usage: figure. (The reference section itself does not have that word.)

That kind of error is not in itself evidence that the person (or persons) who wrote that Wikipedia page is mistaken about the credibility of these many thousands of ceramic works of art. But if the writer was careful about facts in the historical points, why does it say there “are several thousand” of those figurines when one of the leading experts in the world, Dr. Dennis Swift, says over 37,000 were discovered?



Dinosaurs of Acambaro Figurines

Julsrud at age sixty-nine was on the brink of making a discovery that may prove to be the greatest archaeological discovery ever made. Waldemar hired a Mexican farmer, Odilon Tinajero, to dig in the area where the ceramic figurines were found and bring him any other similar objects. Soon Tinajero had a wheelbarrow full of ceramic pottery that had been excavated on El Toro Mountain.

Nonfiction True-Life-Adventure Book

The 360 pages contain little about religion but much about eyewitnesses who encounter astonishing flying animals that look like nothing other than pterodactyls.

Lecture by Dr. Dennis Swift

Youtube video that includes a lecture by Dennis Swift—this includes much about the advanced technology of some ancient people, including civilizations in the Western hemisphere many centuries ago.

Nonfiction book on Acambaro figurines

“Hapgood researched the Acambaro collection . . . with Erle Stanley Gardner . . . in the mid-1960s. . . . hundreds of clay figurines that are apparently thousands of years old; however, they depict such bizarre animals [dinosaurs] and scenes that most archaeologists dismiss them as an elaborate hoax.” . . . [but] the evidences for authenticity were not considered [because of bias against the possibility of modern pterosaurs living alongside humans].


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