About Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs Alive (an Introduction)

Cryptozoology means to reveal, not hide, elusive cryptids, for we follow eyewitness reports with hope for future graduation into biology. Nevertheless, some skeptics ridicule the expeditions that hold almost our only hope for discovery; sad that is, for rare undiscovered creatures never creep into university corridors, searching for an office of a biology professor.

So we search for dinosaurs and pterosaurs that are alive, turning away from universal-extinction doctrine, facing ridicule for the direction we travel, hoping that an eyewitness account, somewhere and someday, will lead us to an official discovery. With that hope, we report the eyewitness accounts we discover, welcoming any kind of assistance (even a “Good luck!”) that we receive.

If you, or someone you know, have experienced anything relevant, please let us know.

Nathaniel Coleman

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