Garth Guessman, another active cryptozoologist

Garth Guessman on Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, in 2004Literally and figuratively following in the footsteps of his friend David Woetzel, Garth Guessman, of California, has searched for creatures that Western science declares extinct. After these two Americans had consulted with the missionary Jim Blume, on the mainland of Papua New Guinea in 2004, they took a small plane to Umboi Island, home of the ropen. With detailed survey forms, they interviewed natives.

The two cryptozoologists learned, from villagers on the northern coast of Umboi, that the tail of the ropen moves only at the base, where it connects to the body. This greatly strengthened their case that the ropen is a Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur, for fossils show that this is how the tail of long-tailed pterosaurs should move.

They also found huge clam shells on the beach; they were told, by natives, that the ropen carrys the giant clams up into the island interior to feed. This appeared to relate to the name of the creature in one area of the mainland of Papua New Guinea: seklo-bali (he who carrys his bed around with him), for a giant clam, from a distance, might appear (to a native) like a bed.

Guessman has since become a leader in living-pterosaur investigations, returning to Papua New Guinea in 2009, with the Monsterquest (television production) team. In recent years, he has had many sightings of what may be creatures related to the ropen, for they seem to glow with a bioluminescence, making the nocturnal creatures visible from a distance, at night.


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