Paul Nation, the most active LP explorer

No other American cryptozoologist has gone on more expeditions to Papua New Guinea, to search for living pterosaurs, than Paul Nation. He was part of one of the first ropen expeditions to Umboi Island, in the 1990’s, returning to Umboi in 2002, with his son, Nathanael. In 2003, he mailed many eyewitness videos to Jonathan Whitcomb, who became so excited that he, too, explored Umboi Island and eventually wrote nonfiction books about living pterosaurs.

Paul Nation, explorer and cryptozoologistIn 2006, Paul Nation and Jacob Kepas explored a remote mountainous region deep in the mainland of Papua New Guinea. In this historic expedition, Paul recorded the first video evidence (of living pterosaurs) to be taken back to the United States. Soon after returning from Papua New Guinea, Paul was interviewed in his home in Texas. Digital copies of the historic video footage were taken, by Whitcomb, back to California, where the missile defense physicist Clifford Paiva analyzed it. The images of two glowing objects were not clear direct evidence for living pterosaurs, but many common explanations were eliminated for what caused the two lights. In 2007, another expedition team recorded similar video footage of a mysterious flying light.

Early in 2007, Paul returned to the same mountainous area of Papua New Guinea. The weather was bad, and Paul obtained no more video evidence, but he was able to verify the differences between distant car headlights (capable of causing misidentification) and real “indava lights.” This proved his objectiveness in searching for the truth, although there had never been any doubt about the video recordings of the 2006 expedition: They were found by computer analysis to be impossible to have been produced by car headlights; in addition, the location of the two lights was on a ridge where there are no roads and no possible automobiles.

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