Pterosaurs Still Living

Any pterosaur still living is subject to being reported on this older modern-pterosaur web site. (The home page of Jonathan Whitcomb’s site has recently been updated). The title includes this:

Pterosaurs Still Living is here to document, then analyze, eyewitness accounts of living pterosaurs or pterosaur-like creatures and to support expeditions and investigations . . . 

The home page itself has few details about eyewitness sightings, but many links. Regarding Paul Nation’s 2006 expedition, it says:

Late in 2006, Paul Nation’s expedition, deep in the mountainous interior of the mainland of Papua New Guinea, elevated the credibility of living-pterosaur cryptozoological searching. He videotaped what investigators believe was the bioluminescent glow of one or two living pterosaurs. . . .

Links to eyewitness pages include the 1971 sighting of two pterosaurs seen in daylight by Esin Kuhn in Cuba; the 1989 sighting (also in daylight) of a huge pterosaur seen by Susan Wooten in South Carolina; the sighting (early 1990’s) of the ropen by Mesa Augustin at Lake Pung, Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea; and the 1971 sighting of a “prehistoric” flying creature by Brian Hennessy on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea.

Also included are references to the Whitcomb 2004 expedition and other expeditions in Papua New Guinea, and Duane Hodgkinson’s sighting (1944, mainland New Guinea).

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