New Ideas About Marfa Lights

I don’t know about any recent Marfa Lights sightings, but new web pages and posts keep popping up, many of them related to sightings of flying creatures resembling pterosaurs.

Intelligence of Marfa Lights

In the nonfiction book Hunting Marfa Lights, the author, James Bunnell, reports several sightings that involve flying lights that seem to chase a car at night. The problem for the author (who had not seriously considered a biological interpretation of Marfa Lights) was that the best explanation seemed to be “Fata Morgana mirage,” and that did not well fit all the car-chasing reports, including his own encounter on a highway one night.

Ghost Lights or Marfa Lights Alive

It also mentions how unlikely it would be for ghosts to consistantly visit those fields near Marfa, for so many years, but never stay very long. The strange flying lights hang around for only one or two nights, then disappear for weeks on end. This would be expected of a group of bioluminescent predators that return regularly to various territories in southwest Texas and Mexico. But it makes no sense for ghosts.

Bioluminescent Predators in Texas

The flying Marfa Lights of southwest Texas have been compared with the ropen of Papua New Guinea. There the lights have been correlated with appearances of large and giant long-tailed flying creatures, featherless and resembling Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs. . .

Reply to the Houston Chronicle

I know that I could have gotten a  much better reception from the  major media by writing a press  release about the possibility of  barn owls causing Marfa Lights.  But this is a time for putting  politics in the back seat; both Mr.  Bunnell and I have rejected that  owl-interpretation for the type of  mystery lights he calls “CE-III.” 

Claudia Feldman uses the word  “pterosaur” only once; yet  “dinosaurs,” five times. But I  mention “dinosaur” as what  eyewitnesses sometimes say, and  Feldman gives no hint that there  has ever been any eyewitness of  any creature like either one.

Her article puts my qualifications  into question, emphasizing that I  have seen neither Marfa Lights nor living pterosaurs. But for seven  years eyewitnesses of the apparent pterosaurs have contacted me  about their encounters, and some  of those encounters have been in  the respectable state of Texas. So  how am I qualified to write about  the possibility of live pterosaurs  flying in southwest Texas? I  represent eyewitnesses of those  creatures, and I am the only one  who can compare descriptions  with data from other accounts  from around the country and  around the world, including those  encounters involving flying lights.

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