While Driving, Watch for Pterodactyls

If automobile traffic is not dangerous enough, many sightings of pterosaurs occur when the eyewitness is driving a car. That’s probably because when we’re not driving we’re in a building, at home or at work or shopping or watching a movie in a theater. When we drive, we are watching the scene ahead and that is usually out of doors.

Somebody once reported a pterodactyl flying in front of an elderly couple who were driving in Trinity National Forest in California. Other drivers in the United States have also reported what technically should be called a “pterosaur.”

A few years ago, a lady was driving to work, through a forested area of Georgia, northeast of Atlanta, when she was startled to see a huge long-tailed creature fly in front of her car. More recently, she has allowed her real name to be associated with that sighting account: Sandra Paradise. Many years earlier, another lady saw something similar fly very close in front of her windshield as she was driving in a remote area of South Carolina.

Flying Dinosaur in Georgia

They were shocked to see a “flying dinosaur.” It was low enough that the woman was sure that it was not just a large bird. Her older son called it a “pterodactyl.”

Driver Sees Pterosaur in Kansas

I could not believe my eyes as I immediately thought of a prehistoric bird when I saw it. It must have had a wing-span of 16-20 feet.

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