Pterosaurs in Georgia

For years people in Georgia have seen flying things unlike birds, sometimes creatures with long tails and no feathers and too big to be a bat. Sometimes a person will notice something like a head crest at the back of the creature’s head, or something that may be called so.

It seems many people must have seen these flying creatures but are reluctant to say anything to anybody or at least to anybody who reports the experience to any newspaper. Well, maybe some people do, but the newspapers don’t often print stories about persons who see live pterosaurs. I get this idea from those who do report sightings. Some of them have had multiple sightings over several years, in the state of Georgia, in certain areas like Towns County and the countryside between Winder and Athens. Those areas have had so many sightings from a few individuals, that other people in those areas must have also seen the creatures.

Blue Ridge Mountains

David Schroder has had several sightings in northern Georgia, in the past few years. Live pterosaurs are a strange sight to report, but this man is not strange just because he has seen them. Other eyewitnesses have been with him to see what appear to be pterosaurs. He’s probably just brave enough to report these things to other people. Thank you, Mr. Schroder!

Live Pterosaurs in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina

A woman was driving in Franklin, Georgia, on July 18, 2012, when she and her two sons saw what they called a “flying dinosaur.”

Pterosaur Sightings Hot Spot: Georgia

This “Live Pterodactyl” post has a little information on the Franklin, Georgia, sightings of 2012.

A Modern Pterosaur in Georgia

This has information on the first two sightings by Sandra Paradise, east of Atlanta, although this post does not give her real name, for it was written before Ms Paradise granted cryptozoologists permission to use her name.

Modern Pterosaurs Seen in Georgia

“There’s nothing new under the sun.” Recent reports of modern pterosaurs, or large featherless creatures, in Georgia are not that new.

While Driving, Watch out for Pterodactyls

A few years ago, a lady was driving to work, through a forested area of Georgia, northeast of Atlanta, when she was startled to see a huge long-tailed creature fly in front of her car.

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